Features offered to students

 1- The University of Beni Suef shall be awarded upon the recommendation of the College Council a bachelor's degree in navigation science and space technology in the field of satellite navigation.

2 - The Faculty of Science of Navigation and Space Technology is the only college in Egypt and the Middle East that offers a Bachelor's degree specialized in navigation science, communication technology and space applications.

3. The College has signed a number of agreements and protocols of internal and external cooperation with a number of academic and research bodies in the field of practical and academic training for students and research cooperation in scientific projects.

4 - The teaching of the faculty of elite professors specialized in the field of astronautics and communications and dynamics of space in addition to the deputation of a number of professors specialized in space from Russia, Ukraine, Germany and the International Space Agency (NASA) by 2 of the international professors assigned each semester.

5 - Students will work on a graduation project which is an integrated satellite under the supervision of professors specialized and assigned in cooperation with the competent authorities.

6. The University of Beni Suef offers hotel accommodation at the guest house for foreign students and researchers on campus, within meters of the Faculty of Navigation Science and Space Technology.