Field Training

 - During the study period in the college, the student must have conducted practical training twice during the summer holidays, for a period of not less than four weeks at a time, in one of the bodies that fit the student's specialty.
- Training shall be supervised by the student's academic advisor.

- The student shall submit to the college a certificate from the training authority indicating the completion of the training process successfully so that the certificate will show the date of the beginning and end of the training period.

- The student shall submit a written and approved report from the training authority on what he has done during that period. The report shall be discussed with the student by a specialized committee, which gives recognition for this training is included in the points obtained by the student.
- The Board Sections may establish an evaluation system to link this practical field training with the research project presented by the student. The Board Sections may also hold this training within the college in case of need.