Warning and dismissal from college

- If the student in any semester - except for the first semester in which he was admitted to the college - has a cumulative average of less than (1.00) in the system of 4.0 points, it is placed under academic observation during the next semester (warning the first warning).

- The student under academic observation must raise his cumulative average to 1.00 and above in a maximum of four consecutive semesters, and send a second warning to remind him of the last semester if he completed two semesters without reaching the required rate, and notify his guardian, and if not achieved Student A cumulative grade of 1.00 at least after the four semesters, the student is permanently separated.

- The student under academic observation is not permitted to register for more than 12 credit hours during the semester, except for the graduation semester. In addition to the above, the student is allowed to register one course with the number of hours if it is sufficient to graduate.

- This article does not apply to the summer semester, if any.

- The student is finally dismissed from the college in accordance with the chances of failure provided for in the executive regulations of the University Organization Law.