Students Evaluation

 - The teacher of the course is responsible for preparing the study plan for the course at the beginning of the semester, and distributing it to the students. It should include the general and specific objectives of the course, the time distribution of its units, the activities accompanying its implementation from worksheets, research and field visits, the dates of the semesters and the assessment and review system. And to report on the decision at the end of each semester.
- The exam for each course will be corrected from 100 (one hundred) degree.
- The written examination time is 2 hours per course.
If the grades of one of the courses include a written examination, a practical one and a semester or oral examination or a half-semester examination, the degree of the student in this course is the sum of the grades of all these examinations combined. The student's grades are not collected unless he receives at least 30% of the final written examination.

Rating and Examinations:

First: the course with practical background. Grades distributions are as follows:
5% oral.
10% semester work.
25% practical or exercises.
60% written exam at the end of the semester.

Second: Theoretical Decision.
5% oral.
25% semester work.
70% written examination at the end of the semester.
Third: University requirements are considered success or failure, and are not taken into account in calculating the cumulative average points of the student.

Rating system and estimates:

- If the student repeated failure in a course, the repetition will only be counted once in his / her cumulative average, but the number of times that the course is recorded will be recorded in his / her academic record.
- Semester average: This is the average of the student's points in the semester and approximates to only two decimal places.

- General GPA: is the average points that student gets in all semesters and approximates to only two decimal places

- The minimum cumulative graduation rate is 1.00
Decimal numbers after the second digit are not included in the calculation of the semester average of the point average or the cumulative average of points.

Students are arranged according to the cumulative average of points and awarded honors for students with a cumulative average of 2.3 and above.
The student must have at least 60% of the graduation requirements and must not have failed in any course in the college (or the college transferred from it).