Graduation Requirements

 Undergraduate degree requirements are at least 165 credit hours distributed according to the following:
1- University Requirements: 8 credit hours distributed as follows:
         2 credit hours in the study of English
         2 credit hours in the study of human rights
2 credit hours in computer study for all students
         2 credit hours in humanitarian studies in one of the following courses:
    Principles of Management - Arabic language - history and philosophy of science - security and occupational health

2 - College Requirements: 25 credit hours are all in the first level.

3 - Requirements of specialization:

A - The requirements for specialization to obtain a bachelor's degree are 132 credit hours determined by the department of the program of compulsory and optional courses in the specialization and courses of assistance from outside the specialization.

B) The College Council shall determine the study programs to be accepted at the beginning of each academic year according to the advanced numbers of students and the absorptive capacity of each department, based on the proposals of the departmental councils.