System and duration of study

 - The system of study followed by the faculty is the system of credit hours within the semester and the credit hour is a standard unit consisting of one hour of theoretical lectures or two or three hours of study or exercise for 15 weeks.
- The student passes to obtain a bachelor's degree in navigation science and space technology five levels of study and each level includes two regular semesters.
- The regular semester consists of seventeen weeks (the period of study is 15 weeks - the period of theoretical examinations at the end of the semester of two weeks).
- The College Council may approve the introduction of an intensive summer semester of not less than six weeks of study. The total number of study hours for each credit hour shall not be less than 15 hours per semester and shall start on a date determined by the College Council.
- Registration for any semester during the week before the start of the semester after the fulfillment of the registration requirements (and be the priority for registration in the summer semester for students who fall in the requirements for courses offered during the following academic semesters for the summer or students who graduate by the end of this semester). After the approval of the College Council to determine the minimum number of students required to introduce the course.
The College may offer intensive courses taught by visiting professors provided that the total number of hours of study for each credit hour is not less than fifteen hours per semester and starts at a date determined by the College Council upon the proposal of the departmental councils.

- The language of the study of the scientific courses at the College is English.