Conditions of admission to the College

 1- The college accepts students who have a high school (science department) or equivalent according to the rules determined by the Supreme Council of Universities.

2 - Students who have a bachelor's degree may be admitted with a good grade of at least from the faculties of science, engineering or other practical colleges to study at the college. The admission of the students to the appropriate study programs shall be in accordance with the system approved by the college council and approved by the university council, and after taking the opinion of the relevant departments and provided that the duration of the study of the college for four academic semesters ordinary or two academic years, and after the work of a clearing to compare the courses studied by the student and what should be taught in college.
3 - The College may hold internal tests for students after joining the faculty to determine the student's course in the disciplines of the college.

4. Any other conditions determined by the College Council may be requested and approved by the University Council and announced at the time of submission.
5 - Students from outside the college or university may be admitted for registration in certain courses or in one or more full academic semesters after the approval of the relevant scientific departments and the faculty council and the payment of the fees determined by the college. The student shall be given a certificate passing these courses. Without obtaining a degree).